Emulators allowed players to play their favorite retro names on mobile. It provided hours of amusement for not that much money. These aren’t only fine, but extremely stable. Here would be the ideal SNES emulators for the Android! Don’t forget to set it with a few of the ideal Bluetooth controllers too! Or double up on the nostalgia using a Bluetooth control that looks like the old SNES controllers.

  1. ClassicBoy
  2. John NESS
  3. RetroArch
  4. Snes9x EX+
  5. SuperRetro16


ClassicBoy is among the amazing older emulators. It hasn’t seen an update since 2014 so we don’t recommend that one unless another people on the record don’t work for you. This one is really a combo emulator with PlayStation, N64, Game Boy Advance, SNES, and a couple of others. The SNES support is quite great and everything seemed to function well in our testing.More Here super nintendo emulator for android At our site This one eventually started receiving upgrades again in August 2020, so we’re hoping it returns to its former glory in due time.


John NESS is a SNES and NES emulator in John Emulators. The good news is it works amazingly well for both systems. You receive cheats, great rendering quality, high compatibility, save states, customizable electronic controls, turbo buttons, fast forward and slow down, and even hardware control support together with cloud storage service. Nevertheless, those who already purchased John SNES or John NES (or both) have to buy the app another time and that is making some folks mad. In any case, this really is the current champion of the greatest SNES emulators to get Android record. Luckily, the program can also be free with advertisements if you want to go that path.


Cost: Free

Retroarch is a unique all-in-one emulator. It has support for a broad assortment of systems. The SNES is one of these. The app has a tiny learning curve. Get ready to see their wiki to find some troubleshooting answers. It boasts on-screen controls, a high support rate, and also support for lots of programs.

Price: Free

Snes9x EX+ has existed for quite a while. It’s been one of the best SNES emulators pretty significantly since its launch. It looks somewhat old school, but functions well on pretty much every gadget. It’s also completely free without any in-app purchases. That makes this a jewel contemplating how good this programmer’s other emulators are.


SuperRetro16 has gone by several names. But, it’s always been among the most well-known SNES emulators. This one boasts cloud storage support, support for multiple types of controllers, and the normal fair like save/load says, fast forward, and much more. In addition, it comes with various visual enhancements that tries to make the games seem somewhat smoother. There isn’t another emulator on this record with as many features as this one. SuperRetro16 was eliminated from Google Play from mid-2019 for some kind of breach. It’s back today, but a few people are mad they need to cover it another time. Bad conditions aside, it is nonetheless a great emulator.

If we missed any of the best SNES emulators for Android, inform us about these in the comments! You may also click here to take a look at our most recent Android program and match lists!

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